Saturday, September 10, 2005

Routine? What's That?

I guess that having older children is beginning to mean less and less routine for me. If I am involved in their lives at all, it seems to require that I let go of some of my schedule to fit theirs. Flexibility. Hmmm.

I am impulsive, it is true. So people tend to think that I am unplanned altogether. But I am unplanned at my own discretion. Actually much of my life is somewhat scheduled in my mind. When I am implusive, it is when it fits my plan... not other's. So I guess that flexibility is not my middle name. My husband will be the first to tell you that I usually have definite ideas about how something is supposed to happen.

But back to the idea of routine. I mention that because it is flying out the window again (as if we have routine around here yet...)

Monday morning my little sanguine man and I will get on a bus headed to Pittsburgh. It is a 15 hour ride and then some. He is convinced that he loves buses and there will be nothing to it. Mom, on the other hand, was originally going to travel alone and knows that her much anticipated 15 hours of uninterrupted reading/sleeping time is pretty much history. Most of the time will now be spent entertaining and coaching a young one. I've adjusted and am now excited about our wonderful joint adventure. I haven't tried this yet. It's long overdue, I suppose. Can't be much harder than flying to Long Island by myself with three young ones (3 1/2, 2, and infant.) That definitely qualified as interesting!

From Pittsburgh I will travel with Carina (my 21 year old daughter) to Chicago for an audition for American Idol. That's right. She's really going for it! We will get on line Thursday, Sept. 15 at 6am for an audition that opens on Friday, Sept. 16 at 9am. That's right. A 27 hour plus wait in line. Under open skies with only a sleeping bag, umbrella, and small cooler. With all kinds of people. This, too, should prove to be interesting! (You could pray for her, if you think of it. It would be soooo appreciated!)

Once done there, we will drive back to Pittsburgh where Brietta, my other daughter, will have bravely taken on the challenge of watching Uncle Merrick and her own children. Then she and I will leave with Merrick and head to Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Va. to visit my son, Jamie. A quick overnight in the dorms, shopping with Jamie for shoes and sneakers (long overdue!), meeting some of his friends, and back to Pittsburgh we'll go. This Mama will pack up myself plus Merrick into Daniel and Brietta's Hyundai Accent and hit the road to Madrid. Home on the 21st.

And then - maybe - routine?