Friday, December 30, 2022


A gift is given. Accolades are shared. 

        Warm and genuine. 

                Even profound and precious.

The moment descends upon you, bringing a warm smile. 

        And, too, a responsive tear. 

                You will cherish these words, this gift, for years to come.

In an instant your world is joy-filled,

        your world is happy.

Weeks later a tangible reminder is stumbled upon, 

        handled and touched, 

                and you smile all over again.

You realize that as quickly as the moment descended it also disappeared, 

        as all moments are wont to do, 

                relegated to a memory file somewhere 

                        to be jostled to recollection from time to time. 

Gone. Over. Completed.

Stirred by a piece of wrapping paper, 

        a reference made, 

                even the gift itself, 

                        pleasant recollections bring again a smile. 

And, often enough, a wistful tear, 

        knowing the moment has passed, 

                as all moments are wont to do.


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