Saturday, November 26, 2022

Dusting It Off; But Where Shall We Go? And Do I Really Need To Know?

 A new year, 2023, is nearly upon us. And here I am revisiting this blog. I think I need to write again.

I probably need someone to show me how to include photos so I can be a bit more current, though painting word pictures has always been a delight for me. Still, one must keep abreast of current interests!

The sense of a new season opening before me has been on the horizon for years now. And I suppose oversight of The Arts Program of NNY for the past five years was certainly a new endeavor. But here comes 2023. I will be handing that ministry position over to Calvin and Shannon Brown, such capable and Godly young visioneers. And so I find myself in the midst of change once again.

Life is like that it seems. 

My Mom and Dad are facing change constantly, but at times resistant. They are tired of the change. They are less supple. My Mom especially wants the past to circle around once again. I get it. Boy, do I. And I thank the Lord for these extended years with them. I hope she knows how thankful we are!

But Lord, I want to be serving You in the moment, not missing the "here and nowness" of Your plan and purpose by longing for what it was yesterday. I want to change, evolve, form to Your will, even in these years. These later years.

Then again, who knows -- these may not be the later years should You tarry and I live long. Maybe this is just the middle! And maybe it's later than I think! Who can say? I stand in awe of You and trust You completely with the plan. Thank You for such faithfulness to me.

So, I begin here, at this little blog spot. I will stir up the creative thought process. I will determine to think and find words for those thoughts. If you should find yourself visiting, hopefully it will bless you!

With 2023 beginning to peek at us from the other side of the calendar, let's rejoice in the knowledge that even this coming year is His domain. He rules and reigns over time and place, over all things in every sphere. 

And He's not afraid. He's not unsure. He's not wondering what to do. Let's just ask and wait on Him!

With that thought, a new calendar year, the passing of all that I've experienced heretofore, and the embracing with certainty that which is to come suddenly are more than okay -- they are filled to overflowing with the wonder of His grace and power and love!

Serving Him is a marvel indeed!


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