Friday, June 13, 2014

All You Need Is Love

The world, as in those who do not adhere to true Christian faith, likes to hold Christendom captive. And just how do they attempt this? With the term "love".

When Christians lobby a concern, judge something to be unscriptural (as if that determination is up for grabs), or declare certain actions to be sin we are quickly accused of being unloving. "Jesus wants us to love one another."

True citation; wrong interpretation.

What is Love? That is the question. Oh, my, yes. That is indeed the question.

And Christians everywhere are falling for the world's answers. Love is tolerant, warm fuzzies, sentimental, makes you feel good. Love never judges, never accuses, doesn't rock the boat. Love only seeks happiness for others, no matter what it looks like. Love "likes" instagram photos and facebook statuses. That is how you show Love, right?


Love is patient and kind. It is not jealous or conceited or proud. It has no record of wrong incurred and is not selfish. But you know what else? Love is not happy with evil, it is happy with truth.

My guess is that Love doesn't "like" a photo depicting sin. Wait - that is not a guess after all. The Bible says that Love doesn't rejoice with unrighteousness. There is no celebration of rebellion and defiance. Love is happy with truth, rejoices when the right thing prevails.

So Love is not as simple as clicking the "like" button on your computer. It is not as easy as smiling in turn when someone else is smiling in deception. No, it is a more difficult task requiring much more of us. Sorry to say, Love responds without happiness in such situations.

Now let's be honest -- who wants to rain on someone's parade? Do you like to be the party pooper? Probably not. But real Love will and does.

Above and beyond that, Love never gives up. It hopes always - it hopes for justice and truth to prevail. It maintains faith in His holy mercy.

It is true, that cute little song title; all you do need is Love. But it has to be the real deal Love. It has to begin and end with Him.