Saturday, December 07, 2013


We live so often in pursuit of the temporal, enamored by this world and all that is wrapped up in it. After all, this is what we see, smell, touch - and breathe in.
But in actual reality it is fleeting, vaporous.

It is halituous - breath-like. And every idol is likewise - immaterial.
"The grass withers, the flowers fade. But Your Word lives forever."
We earthly creatures must regularly examine our hearts, fix our averted focus, and make daily sacrifice, lest we wither, shrivel. Oh, no - not to maintain our salvation. But to maintain and inspire our devotion. Because we live here. Because our affections become ensnared. Because our dreams get weighted down with natural vision.
"And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me."
Christians are sometimes lulled into believing that ideology pursued, or a God-dream enveloping and consuming heart and mind, or a Holy crusade for a Holy cause is akin to pursuit of, enamorment with, or championing for Christ. Not so.

Nothing - no thing - is to be loved, cherished, pursued, honored, adored, or revered before Christ. He is first. All things are laid on His altar. All things are subjected to His Holy will, His Holy way. Every day. Every encompassing dream and every single little fleeting thought - laid down. Daily.

All those causes and dreams and ideologies will disappear. His kingdom alone will remain - and love which leads to obeying His commands. Not obedience to a dream about His will, a theological position regarding Him, a noble cause championing His ways. Even if these things do reflect His heart or ways, they are not to be loved more than Him.

Every day, lay them down. Ask anew. Seek His face that day.

His face alone.
Not the face of a loved one,
Not the face of the crowd pressing in,
Not your own face.

And He will be found.