Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 10, 13, 18, & 28

May tends to be busy. Musical rehearsals and productions, test days, concerts, etc. Add to that the above very special days: birthdays of 4 of my children.

So, the birthday child gets a card, a gift, and special greetings. Maybe even a dinner. But the party tous en famille happened today. Scores of celebrants crowded around the porch, enjoying the first grilled burgers of the summer, sharing words of appreciation with our birthday kiddos, delighting in beautifully decorated cakes and desserts, oohing and ahhing over gifts, and enjoying this reason to pause and remember God's gift of life. He does all things well and it is a pleasure to recite our awareness of graces and talents and character traits invested in these people we have grown to treasure.

I can readily imagine years going by without words accurately describing our affection. It could be neglected for untold time. That's sad. Therefore I'm grateful for the cycle of months and years, the reminder the calendar brings each year of these precious lives in our midst. We get to tell them all we've seen God do in them and through them. It is wonderfully good stuff. I love it!

So, today Merrick, Liana, Julia, and Jamie were all reminded that they are anointed leaders amongst their peers. They received words of love and encouragement, such as...

Merrick: "I appreciate your enthusiasm. You are a person who plans and envisions. You are fun!"

Liana: "I appreciate your ability to show God's love to children and for your example of true worship. You are strong and gentle and beautiful. You bring God into situations."

Julia: "You've shown real maturity in seeking God for His answer. I admire that. I love how you always take time for people, and you listen attentively to everyone. Thank you for loving me."

Jamie: "I appreciate your unflinching conviction, your genuine worldview and how it shapes your life choices. You are an example within your own generation. I LOVE to hear you teach."


Anonymous Michelle P. said...

Darlene to say that I love your family would be a huge understatement! You are all so special to the Perez family. It is an honor to call your children my friends and now my children's friends. Your sons and daughters are amazing because of the love you and Rick have poured into them.

8:10 PM  
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