Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Swirls of Details

It's that season again -- musical theater production week is right around the corner, a quick U-turn on my calendar and there it is!

What does that mean to me, the director? My mind spins with thoughts of scenes yet to be mastered, dances to be practiced, lines wanting more definition of character.

And for a director like me who, of necessity, has her hands involved in props, costumes, playbills and ad sales, theater set-up, etc. the list of details continues.

1. When will that bulk order of buttons arrive?
2. Who can create the lace cuffs and collars?
3. Will I be able to borrow 3-5 more ball gowns from the nearby university theater department?
4. Plan a photo shoot with 2-3 costumed students.
5. Where can I find a "throne" this time around?
6. Add a basket and bread to the props list.
7. Send out a request for more student artwork, student reports, photos, etc. for the playbill.
8. Oh, dear, speaking of the playbill... student info must be collected -- SOON!
9. Contact sound guys to order new mics.
10. Should I buy some gold gimp to add that really special touch to those royal long coats?
11. Time to start the next list. This one is too long...

...okay. Next page...

Well, I won't bore you with the next page. Or the next. Or the next...

You get the point.

Where would I be without pen and paper to sort out such thoughts in the wee morning hours? Lists are my proverbial saving grace these days. Merely proverbial, mind you.