Sunday, March 13, 2011

Where Did the Weekend Go?


Friday afternoon rehearsal. Staged the opening of the ball scene. The Prince must choose a bride from one of these ladies. Fun abounds as they push and fall, flaunt and hide, find and chase. This will be enjoyed by all!

Then I dropped kids off at dance lessons and headed home to feed two little grandsons and settle them for bed. Oh, and picked up one daughter from GED test site later in the evening.

All of Saturday morning was spent watching grandsons and son play basketball. From there I scooted and picked up the same daughter from session #2 of GED testing. Next: two and a half hours of tap and musical theater style dance classes. Sweaty and tired but happy, we ran a couple of errands in town before heading home. A few peanut butter and jelly sandwiches later, and the day was gone. Whhooosshht!

Sunday. Start out by losing a hour. That sure doesn't lend to lengthening the weekend! Church for the morning, lunch out at a Chinese buffet with 11 dear people, a prayer time at a newly purchased church building, and home once again.

The evening will melt away quickly, I've no doubt.

Gone. Officially. The weekend is over. Can anyone say "Boogie through the weekend, Dar!"


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