Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday On the Porch With Friends

Six feminine type beings sit on the side porch making the most of this sunny Sunday afternoon. Three are busily searching phone books and online sites for addresses currently unknown. The names are, however, ascertained and verified. Another reads a biography, I believe, based on the photograph on the cover. On the love seat a homemaker fingers the catalog as she readies a list for a bulk food order. And here I sit, absorbing all of this, synthesizing into words for you, the reader.

Two more lady-types have just joined the bunch, young ones who have been resting and are now stirring themselves in preparation for evening events. And they just left, as quickly as they arrived. This rather quiet and unmoving group is not too interesting.

I have been referring to the porch crew as "the old ladies on the porch" in spite of the young age that many of them sport. Still, the activities shared qualify as "old ladies on the porch" endeavors, thereby entitling them a share in this title.

Soon the sun will fade, the addresses will be written out, a book will be closed until a revisit is accommodated, a finished list compiled for order time, and a blog written for you, my dear reader. And one by one we will slip away from this shared afternoon, off to other doings and places and people and demands, our pleasant shared moments relinquished to memory's keeping.

Sunday afternoons are far too short.


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