Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This Magical Place

Two times a year (many more than that, undoubtedly, but two definite times for sure) my world is filled with magic.

Canadian geese migrating. Magical. Right here, in my world.

Hauntingly beautiful sounds fill the air - an eerie crescendo of distinctive calls and cries. No matter what I am doing, I still, to this day, run to the window with the widest view, announcing with exuberant wonder to all in the house that the geese are in flight! "The geese! Come and see the geese!"

I take my post and wait anxiously, expectantly. I long to see the magic! In only a moment or two I partake of this glory; mysterious lines and patterns of birds in flight begin crossing the sky, filling my view with wonder and beauty.

I gasp in wonder, every time left breathless; yes, it takes my breath away. The sounds swell, the sky fills more and more. How can this be? What is this magic? Why this order, this calm assurance of duty and direction? Who calls them, leads them, guides them?

They seem to just know. With quiet confidence, they know. They are not frantic. They are not slack. They move onward, patiently, surely. Year after year, spring after fall after spring after fall.

God's people know His voice. When we hear, when we listen, we can move with a calm assurance void of frenzy and full of purpose. Winging steadily along the course, knowing His hand is upon us for blessing, we accomplish wondrous things, in His time.

Canadian geese produce magic. I look on with joyous wonder.

And the world looks on with wonder and amazement at the Church of the Living God when His people hear His voice and come.


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