Monday, September 21, 2009

Mama's Dancing Again!

Tap To Toe. A dance school in Massena.

I am educating young ladies this year -- several of them. So dance seemed essential to this mother who, years ago, dubbed her home school The Sinclair Academy of Fine Arts (with wonderful academics on the side, of course.)

A few weeks back a daughter and I headed to Massena to register four girls in ballet, jazz, and lyrical classes. So, I reasoned, why not sign up myself as well? I will pass on the performance at the end of the semester (dancing up there with high school and young adult girls seemed a bit much, even for this cockeyed optimist) but the instructor was most encouraging about my participation. I will learn everything with the other dancers, but will not be worked into the formations. Easy! This way I will learn new combinations and keep in shape and, as my honey said to me just now, "Stay agile!"

Last week I ordered a black tank leotard times five, pink tights x5, pink canvas ballet shoes and tan jazz shoes. They arrived today, and I could hardly wait to put them on! Plies, kicks, and twirls were automatic. What else can you do but dance when pink tights and leotards are donned?

Yup. Off to dance again. This is beginning to look like a life-long habit. What a vice!


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