Friday, February 13, 2009

The Final Day

Tomorrow ends my 6 week vocal sabbatical. We'll see how happy my family is about that at the close of the day tomorrow!

Looking around the house, I gather up all the spiral notebooks, legal yellow pads, stapled booklets created from scrap paper along with pens and pencils of all shapes and sizes. They are everywhere I may have landed, ready to dialogue or give my input. In spite of the number of such accessories to my recent life, I marvel that most of the time one was never nearby when I needed it!

Here's the script from one random page, copied here before I toss it into the trash. Most conversations are not so readily recalled -- at least not my half of them. But here is one (must have been teaching at the time):
  • Read the comment I made! Even on facebook, I'm not safe.
  • 1st thing - can you please leave more room in between the problems? I get too confused.
  • Call her right back and ask if she needs Dad's cell #.
  • Next time just wait 'til you hear them say good-bye -- before you hang up -- ok?
  • Nanz - could you call Dr. Sullivan and apologize that I haven't gotten there yet. Will tomorrow work?
  • Honey - you need lunch, then do your chore card, then some English. then maybe you can do some outdoor exercise. Then watch. Shovel out your fort. It will be work, not play.
  • How long will you meet and where?
  • gaudy - excessive for the purpose of style, attention-getting

This from a day at an auction:
  • Nothing there worth that much...
  • Goes w/ the couch.
  • The printing wasn't clear, I think
  • You mean the duck isn't part?
  • Which one? You said, "Happy Birthday..."
  • The paint crumbled as I moved them...
  • It's not damaged.
  • Cleaning would brighten it. Probably lots of detail in sky once cleaned.
  • It's old school these days.
  • Pink flowers - perfect for Easter!
  • It's not unique...
  • I love to watch people.
  • For your room? I should go wrap...
And last, but far, far, far from least, my movie watching with Merrick. Can you guess which one it was?
  • I can't see it.
  • menace - a menace is a trouble, a threat.
  • So he doesn't have to share the money.
  • Some rich man took the whole ballet company on his boat.
  • Bruce Wayne took them.
  • That Asian man is in Hong Kong with all the money from those banks. They are going into his building to get it back.
  • This young man works as an accountant for Wayne Company. He manages the money and the banking. He noticed alot of $ being spent by Fox. When he went looking he found these blueprints.
  • Can you imagine how much it must cost to make the clothes and Batmobile? They were trying to keep it secret, but this guy found out the $ were being spent.
  • He's trying to find Joker's apartment.
  • Is that Scarecrow?
  • Batman is quitting so that the Joke won't kill anyone else.
  • I guess he wants Batman to keep trying to help.
  • That guy's the bad cop I bet.
Enough reminiscing. Time to move on. Tomorrow she talks again!


Blogger sam said...

I hope this six weeks was just what your vocal chords needed. I am sure everyone is ready to hear your voice again.

12:00 PM  
Blogger danica said...

Fun, Mom!

I, too, am really hoping you find your vocal chords healed.

And I for one CANNOT WAIT to be able to call you!!! :)

12:14 PM  
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