Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Years come and go. If you can alter that, let me know.

We age. The result is:

1. You need bifocals.
2. You get wrinkles.
3. Your bifocals allow you to see the wrinkles that were hitherto unnoticed.
4. You get aches in strange places and not so strange places.
5. Your aches and pains slow you down.
6. Slowing down allows weight gain in not such nice places.
7. Exercise will alleviate some of the above.
8. Exercise adds more aches and pains in more unusual places.
9. Some things are just inevitable. Like aging.

I wonder if we really do get wiser? I think I know less than ever, am a bit more stymied most of the time.


They call it waning: decreasing in strength, intensity; drawing to a close.

Aging. Again. Still. Continually.

Care to join me? ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very cute, Darlene. However.....I don't care to join!! Ha-ha!! I'm afraid that I am getting there, though and I don't like it!! :o)

12:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL When I was in Alaska a few years back, I was at a friends house changing.
She had one of those mirrors that you could see yourself at every angle.
My friend came running in to see what was wrong when she heard me scream suddenly. I said "What I have a dimple on my butt!!!" LOL I had to write home with the following:
I know I am getting older, I have dimples where I never had dimples before. I have fallen down in certain places and can't get back up syndrome. I have more white hairs then I can count. Who cares and I can't rememb-ah any how!!!! LOL {:o) They-ah deah, {:o) Did that make ya laugh out loud...I'm-ah still chuckel-en just rememeb-ahing!!{:o)( It's even funnyier with my Maine accent Yessah {:o) Yessah!

7:08 PM  

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