Sunday, May 28, 2006

I'm a West Coaster Now

It is 2:00pm here in southern Ca. (For my friends and fam back home it is 5:00pm and I wonder what everyone is doing... )

Our hosts' home is situated atop a mountain viewing the whole of Thousand Oaks (or so it seems.) In the far distance, on a clear day, which is probably rare here, one can see the ocean. The house is a beauty -- we are living in the lap of luxury, being served graciously. At the moment I am in his office, Rick is napping, and Julia is playing some of her songs for our hosts. I just overheard him ask her to spend a month here. the sun is shining, tropical flowers are in bloom, and the ocean is just over the hill. If I was her, I might just consider it! :)

Tomorrow we will head to Pepperdine campus to check out the recital hall and familiarize ourselves with the campus. Hallmark has set up a crew to record Julia on Tuesday as she arrives for the competition. They will even record the competition. This is interesting business, indeed...

But for now, I may join hubby for a snooze. Have to get turned around ASAP!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have fun! We tried to call to wish Julia a Happy Birthday, but no answer. Guess you were taking that nap. ;) At any rate - Pastor Mike happened to talk about birthdays on a sunday and chose Julia without realizing that she REALLY does have a birthday on a Sunday and it was TODAY!! Everyone got a kick out of that.


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