Saturday, April 29, 2006

He's My Ideal

If you had the ideal father, how would you relate with him? Would you have fun together on picnics? Go to shows and laugh out loud with him? Take him shopping and dress him in the most current styles? Ask him for help with your problems? Trust his wisdom? Share every thought you have along the way?


If you had the perfect best friend, what would you do together? Would you giggle in bed until all hours on overnight visits? Tell her your deepest hearts desires and listen to what she had to say? Would you take walks together? Talk on the phone daily? Want to share every special thing with them?


If the peerless bridegroom had chosen you, how would you treat him? Would your heart be filled with longing for him whenever you weren’t together? Would you write notes of devotion and passion to assure him of his place in your heart? Make his favorite desserts – often? Dress to please him? Learn to love what he loves? Would you revel in the fact that you are the apple of his eye, jealously guarding that place in his heart? Would you adore him, take pride in him, overlook his weaknesses?


We have all this and so much more in Jesus Christ. As I consider once again the treasure that this relationship is, I realize that at times I am sloppy in my care of that relationship. Not that I will lose a place in His heart, for He is unchanging in His love for me, but it is up to me to tend the garden of my heart. He is so deserving of my devotion. Nothing else even compares in worth. I want to faithfully express my love to Him, to sit in absolute adoration of His wonder and beauty.

I enjoy being told on a regular basis that I am wonderful, loved and appreciated, and remembered for all I've done. Surely He is more deserving. He is "... looking for those who would worship Him..." I want to be one of those faithful ones.

Forgive me Lord, for the lack of simple, daily worship clearly expressed. You are so deserving of all my praise. Forever I want to sing to You of my love, to tell you I adore You, to offer up a faithful and true heart. Forever I want this to be my portion.

I love You, oh, my Lord, my God, and my King.


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