Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Nothing New For Me

I'm so done looking for the innovative, riveting, complex, and trendy new thought. Not that I was ever good at that. I actually am particularly NOT good at that.

And somehow I'm okay. Somehow I'm not feeling left behind. My simplicity is just alright with me.

And so today and yesterday and the day before I found myself talking about the same ol' same ol'. Even so, tears filled my eyes, passion caught in my throat and pushed through the airways in a stream of joyous telling of that same ol' same ol'.

Jesus made men. Jesus made women. And when they marry they are husband and wife.

Some become fathers. Some become mothers. Some are given children to become the next generation of Kingdom dwellers.

And His Word tells us how it should work, laying out the perfect design for us to explore again and again. First with that one, and that one, and now with this one.

It is amazing truth. It is freeing truth. Because it is...truth. Simple, unadulterated truth.

Come to think about it, it is always innovative. Always riveting. Always complex. Rarely trendy.
But always and forever it is Truth.

Available to the simple minded, the child, the master, the rich, and the poor. Powerful. Transformative.



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