Sunday, January 15, 2012

Monuments and Mountains

I've been hearing a consistent word: The rocks in the fields will become monuments. Mountains will be moved. How? Faith. Grace. Faith and grace.

I am desperate for rocks to be removed. Desperate, I tell you. I remember studying about the giants in the land, the enemies of God's people. Remove them all. Don't doubt that He can do it. I've believed before. Then I grew weary, tired of believing. Forgive me, Lord.

And now? He's stirring up faith. I'm believing with earnest faith. And I see once again. Things have become accepted that He doesn't want me to accept. Weaknesses have been claimed as my own when He wants me instead to rule over them. Giants have been allowed to dwell within His borders because I've allowed them in my life, and I belong to Him. I am His territory, I am not the giants' land.

I don't know how it will happen. I don't know exactly when it will happen. I only know one thing: I cannot do it; it will be all Him. I pray to know how to cooperate, and it is His grace that will allow me to know. I ask for the strength to act upon that knowledge, and it will be His grace that strengthens me. I cannot do this. I've tried. Again and again. And again.

No matter. He builds monuments. He moves mountains. My faith merely allows me to participate. Somehow. And even that is a mystery.

No matter. It's no mystery to Him.