Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Taking Our Places

The scene: the midnight hour, Gettysburg, July 3, 1863
The players: Union and Confederate armies -- their generals and commanding officers

Stage L - Union headquarters, Stage R - Confederate headquarters
Props - maps

The men gather around, listening to the commanding general as he points to maps, asks for counsel, sits and ponders, then proposes his plan. Some moderation is considered before the plan is finalized. After hours of deliberation they depart, with the knowledge of deeds to do, strategies to lay out, and assignments to deliver. A few short hours of rest will pass.

The scene: the pre-dawn hour, Gettysburg, July 3, 1863
The players: Union and Confederate forces, generals, commanding officers, and infantrymen

Stage L - Union front, Stage R - Confederate front

Officers meet with battalion leaders, giving careful instruction in every detail of how their strategy must play out, calling out the various men to receive their specific duties for this event, with each assignment tailored to the talents and strengths of the given man. The task at hand would utilize many men, and these leaders were entrusted now with that precious commodity: the very lives of these soldiers.

They are now off, these young men full of vision, hopes, dreams, and zeal for the cause. The older men with years of experience would stay behind, watching the battle from behind, having done their part now, their part of lending wisdom gleaned from battles and difficulties. They've imparted all they could to these young men, and now the battle was in their hands.


Modern day scene: CFC auditorium stage, April, 2009
Players: 1st group: seasoned men of God who have walked with Him for many years
2nd group: believers of various ages ready for marching orders - eager to hear the
call and receive the equipment needed for the cause

The seasoned men gather in prayer, looking for wisdom from God. They offer the needs and situations to Him for His plans and strategies. They turn to the ready soldiers of God. As they lay hands on them some are singled out -- called to be leaders of men. They are the ones who must bring them into battle, yell out the directions to point them in the right direction, and encourage them in the face of the enemy. The seasoned men of God are passing out the strategy, supplying the tools and equipment. But then it is up to those empowered. They must walk forth and do the work. With zeal and excitement young men and women eagerly receive the words. With care and humility others accept the tools of intercessory prayer or gifts of healing. It is now time to move ahead.

The time always comes for the future to be handed over to the next generation. For those of us who have been at this for decades, the time is here. And they look pretty ready.


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Great writing. Great thoughts. TRUE thoughts.

I am inspired.

9:43 AM  
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