Monday, December 03, 2007

Let's Celebrate His Birth!

My eyes took in the marshmallow world just outside my window. Trees were draped with mounds of fluff; clumps of snowflakes hurried on their way to join the piles already collected on the roadway. This would be a perfect winter's day for the planned Christmas festivities!

Early on, several of us garbed ourselves with layers of sweaters, pants, socks, and outerwear. Piling into a family van and a borrowed pick-up truck we headed to the local Christmas tree farm in a nearby town. Snow piled high as we capered amongst the rows, looking for the specimen that claimed our eye and then became our own. In no time two trees were selected, cut, and strapped to the truck bed, ready for the ride home.

Upon arrival, cups full of homemade tomato soup along with thick, crusty slices of grilled homemade bread generously filled with gooey sharp cheddar cheese warmed and filled our hungry bellies. My daughter who remained at home had prepared the tasty lunch - a perfect conclusion for a winter outing.

Now the tree must take its place in our home. In time the tree was upright, and soon my husband and youngest son decked the boughs with lights and tinsel.

Meanwhile my daughters decorated cookies made by their little sister. They would be our Christmas treat while the final ornamentation of our tree was completed.

Everyone has something to put on the tree. Each Christmas they've received a new ornament to add to their own collection. One day they will take their boxful of pretty things to their own homes and trees. But for now we continue to enjoy them together, here, in this their first home.

Sisters shared a moment together when all was completed.

Now we will settle in for a viewing of The Nativity Story.
I hope it's good!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures. What beautiful memories. What a beautiful family! Any chance you could share the cookie recipe? May the Lord bless you all during this celebration of His birth and always. Your words are always so inspiring, Darlene! You have so much Godly wisdom and it is so nice that you can impart it in the way you do to bless so many you probably don't even realize! Keep writing!

7:54 AM  
Blogger brietta said...

I didn't know you could do pictures, Mom! It's so fun!

7:42 PM  
Blogger danica said...

K, I'm laughing at your comment, Bri. I'm laughing because I thought the same exact thing.

...And I thought, I will never forget the time Mom tried to turn the video tape over. Remember?

8:33 PM  

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